Behind the scene

“Lovine has come through the fashion world with the mantra to provide the latest trends in makeup and skin care to an audience that’s religiously a fan in that domain“


Super Positive Specialty

You are our priority, period.

Our Story

Let’s lay it out here, honestly: It can be an extremely time confusing task to find a platform that has authentic products by your favourite brands like Estee Lauder, Sephora, The Ordinary or Huda Beauty etc. This is when Lovine comes in Handy. If you are craving to get your hands on the latest Kylie Jenner lip kit, you’ll think a hundred times before clicking the ‘add to cart’ button while shopping from any place, but we right here, want to make your shopping fear-free. And this is exactly what has driven us in our hustle to make this platform accessible to all.

Our Story

We aim to create a space where finding the right ingredients for your skin won’t be a hard math quiz. Our service is specifically for people, who know skin care and hair care and are smart enough to put their money in the right place to get the best quality product. Currently, you will find a number of websites that promise to provide top quality products, timely delivery, pitch perfect after sales service, but when it comes to action, they fail to deliver one of these things.

Our Story

Our mission is to ensure sustainability. Lovine knows that the key ingredient to sustainibilty is keeping the custmers happy and satisfied. And in our pursuit to pull this off successfully, three things go hand in hand, ie: authenticity, quality and then loyalty.


We want you to shine!

At Lovine, we have built a culture of delivering quality and trust towards our customer base. We want all you ladies to put on some makeup, hug your confidence, and walk the walk.
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