Tips to find the perfect foundation

Foundation is a major part of your overall glam you will ooze every day, for sure! Just like you
take a lot of time to find the stick that perfectly suits your tone or an eyeshadow palette. The
foundation plays a no less game which is definitely meant to give out the best results on your
skin that needs to be perfect. The basic element should not be a messy one but must go with all
your entire makeup look. So, a search for the right foundation is just here.
Know your Tone:
Maybe you are not yet sure about what your skin type and in which category does it fall to
choose and opt for the right shade of the foundation for. And the tales of undertone might be a
bit. People who have warm skin have traces of red within and these kinds of skin tones often
get darkened by the sun exposure and sun burns. When we are in talks with professionals they
say neutral undertones come out with an amalgamation on cool and warmer toes equally.
Resulting, these skin tones are conducive to dark complexion while hints of bluish and pinkish
are the conclusion of cool undertones.
Testing by Swatch:
It’s undeniable that swatch testing makes a great deal on Instagram feeds nowadays. But skin
may differ from your body complexion or the shade you own. Once you are done choosing your
almost matched foundation you have to swatch on to your cheeks, and slightly down to your
chin, a little up towards the neck. Allow it to merge with your skin for a minute and check how
it adjusts. Did you know foundations get oxidized with the application and might change into a
darker layer from the oils mixture present on your skin? 

Get the Light:
Just like you click the selfie, we mean the perfect selfie in light, finding the light because it sets
everything perfect. Don’t believe in fluorescent lighting in the place you check your foundation.
Go outside to observe how the pigment is adjusting colour and changing its formation actually
on your skin tone. 
Only if you are wearing light or neutral makeup then most probably it is going to look ashy. If
the foundation is too dark and doesn’t match the complexion of yours I would throw the muddy
look. Go for the foundation that just magically disappears and match your tone and there you
are ready to roll with the right and accurate match!.

Here you flaunt the Perfection:
  There is always a method to attain a proper look, so the makeup calls for a clean base which is
your face ofcourse! Just before the foundation application. Cleanse your face with whatever
product suits you best. Remove the excess water droplets with skin-friendly fabric or tissues,

apply a few drops of  Vitamin C serum extracted with natural ingredients that offer a natural
glow and shine to your face. Then comes the foundation, take a soft beauty blender dap on
your face until it is fully absorbed. Adding the tip, Vitamin C can also be mixed with foundation
for a nice smooth application.

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