Cure Acne the right way

Winters are just around the corner and the weather has multiple reactions on your skin. Between working hours and travelling you might not get time for acne treatment and just use concealers to stash acne away, right? We are going to tell you some essential oils for skin and other tips that could do magic to your acne and you can thank us later!

Fix it with Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%:

When there is a threat from nature why do we have to opt for other resources which are most likely to put you in worries. Go for the best extracted formulas to treat acne and scars just like The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% which helps to soothe your skin in a nourishing way and promotes glowing skin. It  turns out to be effective for enduring acne problems. Some products in markets or in advertisements look so attractive that you go ahead to give a grab without even knowing the side effects and what harmful chemicals they consist of, also they leave your skin dry and flaky. 

Vanish the Blemish with Tea Tree Oil:
Tea tree oil is being called an amazing healing agent that works smoothly on your skin, as it is an ethically sourced oil which engenders no greasiness and pimples with its deep, instant absorbing formula. Although it has a mild touch to your sensitive skin and also banishes scars and wrinkles along with the moisturizing properties you do not have to worry about getting dry skin. It treats the oil layered on the face. All you have to do is add natural essential oils in your skin care regime. If you are looking for reliable and desired results, tea tree oil for pimples is A must Grab!

Sip on for Clear Skin:

Girls, your workstation to-do list just got another addition, 2 cups of green tea,  each day! Keeping yourself hydrated paves the way towards the reduction of acne, also a combination of green tea squeezed with a few drops of lemon is a great savior. Green tea leaves are known as the powerhouse of antioxidants , and the citrus fruits packed with Vitamin C recharges your skin with a refreshing feel all day long and clearly counteracts bacterial activities.

Wash away the dirt:

After a long and hectic day your face needs a wash, it takes a while taking out time for a face wash session twice or thrice a day. Layers of oil and dirt cannot be seen on your face but they are hidden assisting skin to produce pimples. Washing face off gradually removes any buildup of acne only if it has moisturizing properties just to ensure the smooth skin.

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